What is Encephalitis (Chamki bukhaar) ? Introduction, causes, types, precautions and treatment

What is Encephalitis ( Chamki bukhaar ) ?

Introduction, causes, types, precautions and treatment 

What is Encephalitis  (Chamki bukhaar) ?

What is encephalitis  (chamki bukhaar) ?, www.arvbiotech.com
What is encephalitis (chamki bukhaar) ?

Introduction :-

Encephalitis is a major serious condition in Bihar, (India) Encephalitis Commonly called as ''Chamki Bukhaar'', is a very serious condition because in Encephalitis the Brain becomes Inflamed, or in other words encephalitis is a condition in which Inflammation of Brain takes place. 

General symptoms of Encephalitis may includes Memory problems, Vomiting, Fever, Headache, Confusion, Problems in speaking and problems in hearing etc.
Generally anyone can be affected by Encephalitis Disease but Children and old age persons are more adversely affected by Encephalitis disease.

Generally encephalitis is caused by Viruses (such as Herpes simplex virus, Rabies), Fungi, Bacteria, Parasites etc. Encephalitis can also caused by Autoimmune diseases and certain medication in some cases the causes of encephalitis remains unknown.

What is encephalitis  (chamki bukhaar) ?, www.arvbiotech.com
Role of lychee in Encephalitis  (chamki bukhaar)

What is the role of lychee in encephalitis ?

Role of lychee fruit  for causing hypoglycaemic Encephalopathy :-

What is encephalitis  (chamki bukhaar) ?, www.arvbiotech.com
 Two member team (in 2012-2013) that are headed by Virologist Dr. T Jacob John suspected and next year confirmed that Lychee (taxonomic name: Litchi chinensis) fruit contain a Toxin that is responsible for causing the Hypoglycaemic encephalopathy. In 2017 Indo - U.S. team confirmed the role of Toxin. The Toxin is called Methylene cyclopropyl glycine (MCPG).

Normally, when glycogen reserve in the liver is not sufficient or exhausted, the body converts Fatty acid into glucose. but in the presence of the lychee fruit toxin the conversion of fatty acid in the glucose is stopped midway. so as a result no glucose is generated in the body and the low glucose level is not corrected by the body.

What is encephalitis  (chamki bukhaar) ? ,www.arvbiotech.com
Scan of Encephalitis patient

Types of encephalitis :-

1) Viral Encephalitis

2) Bacterial Encephalitis

3) Autoimmune Encephalitis

Areas affected by Encephalitis in india (2019), www.arvbiotech.com
Areas affected by Encephalitis in India ( 2019 )

1) Viral Encephalitis -

Viral encephalitis are generally caused by viral infections and are caused by either direct effect of an acute infection or one of the sequelae of a latent infections. viral encephalitis are commonly caused by the Polio virus, Rabies virus, measles virus etc. studies has shown that Powassan virus is a rare cause of encephalitis.

2) Bacterial Encephalitis-

Bacterial encephalitis caused by the Bacterial infections such as Bacterial Meningitis.
some parasite or protozoal infections such as Malaria, Lyme disease can also cause the encephalitis disease.

3) Autoimmune Encephalitis-

Autoimmune encephalitis caused by Autoimmune disease the signs may included Abnormal movements, Autoimmune dysregulation etc.
Anti- NMDA (Anti-N-Methyl-D-asparatate-receptor) encephalitis is the major example of this Autoimmune encephalitis.

Precautions to avoid from Encephalitis , www.arvbiotech.com
Precautions to avoid from Encephalitis

Travel guidance or Precautions for Encephalitis :-

  • Wear appropriate cloths.

  • Avoids bites by  using insect because insect repellent containing DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide).

  • Vaccination are available against Japanese Encephalitis, rabies, tick borne etc, so take vaccination.

Treatment of Encephalitis :-

Treatment of patients with encephalitis mainly has only two aims. First The patient that has affected by encephalitis will receive specific Treatment Anti viral Drugs for Viral encephalitis, second Autoimmune regulatory drugs if Patient has affected by Autoimmune Encephalitis, Antibiotics if patient has affected by Bacterial Encephalitis. some drugs such as Steroids have the potential side effect but have very important benefits, Steroids are used for reduce the brain swelling. 

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